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Noosa North Shore Day Trip With Dogs

Noosa North Shore Day Trip With Dogs

Posted by Wolf & I Co. on Mar 14, 2024

Although paradise awaits right off Noosa’s Hasting Street strip, the hoards of tourists and lack of solitude can be a turn off. If you and your dog need an escape that’s relatively quiet, cabana free, and of course is dog friendly, then let us introduce to you the locals piece of heaven, Noosa North Shore.

If you're standing on Noosa Main Beach and cast your eyes out toward the horizon, you can't miss the vast coastline stretching up forty mile beach. What you're seeing is in fact Noosa North Shore, also known as Teewah Beach.

Teewah Beach really is paradise, and it stretches all the way from the spit up to the tip of Double Island Point. It's immensely popular for adventure seekers and day trippers, and on a sunny day with little wind this area is pure bliss!

But wait that's not all, for all of you legends that never leave your dog behind (like us) there is no excuse to keep them locked up at home. Several areas along this forty mile beach in fact allow dogs, there are some strict rules though.

You can’t take them north of the Teewah township and they need to be on a leash at all times but we reckon that’s a pretty good deal to be able to include the pup on an epic adventure. We have also seen 1080 baiting signage around the outskirts of the Teewah Village so keep this in mind and don't let your dog run free around the dune area.

As always, please read the signs and note this is part of the Cooloola Recreation Area and hefty fines apply if you don’t abide by the zoning.

Take note of the sign at the ferry showing the dog friendly areas marked in green

Take note of the sign at the ferry showing the dog friendly areas marked in green

Heres our top tips for an epic day trip to Noosa North Shore:

1. Getting there from Noosa

Head to Tewantin early, grab a coffee and some survival treats for the esky, and head to the Tewantin North Shore Ferry situated at the end of Moorindil Street. This ferry can get super busy on the weekends but operates 365 days per year and generally runs from 5:30am through to just after 10pm.

The ferry costs $10 cash each way - yep cash. There are no eftpos or credit card facilities so raid the coins in the glove box and the ferry man will collect once you depart. Keep in mind there will be a new ferry provider late July 2024 and prices are expected to rise significantly.

2. Parks and Passes/Permits

If you have a 4WD and are planning to take it on the beach (we recommend this) you will need to get a day permit to enter the Cooloola National Park. You can quickly do this on the website so have your navigator jump online while in the ferry queue to sort out the vehicle permit. You can also obtain the permit from the QPWS Great Sandy Information Centre just before the ferry, however keep in mind it will cost a bit more.

Waiting in line for the ferry to Noosa North Shore

Waiting in line for the ferry to Noosa North Shore

3. North Shore Township

As you roll onto Beach Road you can't miss the pub, general store, numerous accommodations, skirmish, the car wash and now even a dog friendly camp site. This township is quite small but it's from here that the adventure begins!

Roads from the ferry are paved and stay paved all the way to the third cutting. However, other inhabited areas do only have dirt road access.

4. First Cutting

A cutting is the “car track to the beach”. Yep, that’s right, it's sandy and you will need a 4WD to access the beach via any of these cuttings on North Shore if you want to drive on the beach.

The first cutting is the nearest cutting and is the cutting closest to the Noosa River mouth. Dogs are not permitted south of this cutting due to migratory birds so again please adhere to the many signs showing the dog friendly access areas. Dogs are allowed north of this cutting but vehicles are not allowed.

There is a car park just before the beach access, so if you have a regular car but would like to take the dog down to the beach this is a good choice. There is a track in the corner of the car park and it's just a short walk down to the beach. It's a beautiful spot as cars aren’t allowed and you don't have to worry about the highway of four wheel drives passing by. You will need to keep an eye out for camels and horses though as tours run along this section of the beach as well.

Looking back to Noosa Heads from Teewah Beach

Looking back to Noosa Heads from Teewah Beach

5. Third Cutting

This is the main cutting for all four wheel drives heading north along Teewah Beach to Double Island Point and beyond.

Prior to accessing the beach, everyone pulls over and airs down because from this point forward it's four wheel drives only and the beach begins! N.B. National Parks have kindly installed cameras to check your number plate when accessing the beach so ensure you have purchased the parks pass prior to this point.

Be aware that cars aren’t allowed south of this cutting, but dogs are, so it's ok if you want to park up in this area. Just ensure you don't pass the sign. It's a good spot for lunch and to watch the throng of fourbies going up and down the beach.

In fact, dogs are allowed on this stretch of beach (on a leash of course) up to the Teewah township. Once again there are signs and maps of the inclusion zones as it does get confusing.

6. Soft Sand, Tides and Tyre Pressure

This certainly is a great day trip up the beach and we 100% recommend it, but be warned it can get sketchy. Always check the tides for the best conditions to make the trip. Ideally you want a low tide or a tide going out so the sand is harder and there is more beach for oncoming traffic to pass. 

When beach driving, airing down your tyres is a must. Park up prior to the beach access and air right down. If driving in soft sand, have low range at the ready!

The speed limit in the camping zone and Teewah township zone is 50km/hr. All other areas are maximum 80km/hr but the slower you drive, the more scenery you can take in. Police and Rangers do regularly patrol this beach and it also goes without saying, always drive to the conditions. 

Dogs must be on a leash at all times on Teewah Beach

Dogs must be on a leash at all times on Teewah Beach

7. Teewah Village

Teewah is a wee township behind the dunes of the main foreshore about ten kilometres north of the third cutting. Driving along this section is set to 50km per hour so heed the signs and keep an eye out for fishermen, kids and dogs.

It's an epic place to stay for the summer holidays, book a dog friendly beach shack and spend your days fishing, surfing and exploring the popular Teewah Beach. Camping is prohibited here so unless you have booked accommodation it's a day trip only affair.

As cars driving on this section of beach are required to drive a little slower, this is a good spot to park up for a swim, breakfast or lunch with the dogs.

8. Best Beach Gear For Dogs

If you're hitting the beach for the day make sure you take plenty of water. Dog Bowls get sandy and if you're on the move, they also tend to get tipped out often and require refilling at the next stop.

For all designated dog on leash areas of course you'll need a dog leash. It's also handy to have a spare leash for securing your dog when parked up. If it's really hot providing some shade for your dog is also necessary. Towels, Poop Bags, Treats and Doggie Sunscreen is also a must.

Ensure your dog stays hydrated at the beach with a portable water bowl

Ensure your dog stays hydrated at the beach with a portable water bowl

9. North of Teewah Village to Double Island Point & Rainbow Beach (No Dogs)

Keep in mind dogs are not allowed past the sign at the northern end of Teewah Village so you will have to make this trip without Fido. However, enjoying the spectacular views, pristine water and coloured sands makes for one of the best days you will have at the beach.

From Teewah it's thirty kilometres or so up past the camping zone (no dogs allowed unfortunately) and not much further from there you will reach Double Island Point.

You will need some 4wd skills to cross Leisha Track over to Double Island Point and from there, if tide and conditions allow it, you can drive up to Rainbow Beach. Read all about our guide to Dog Friendly Rainbow Beach.

Otherwise, head back over the ferry and enjoy some of the epic dog friendly hangs of the Noosa hinterland!

Parked up for the day at dog friendly Teewah Beach

Parked up for the day at dog friendly Teewah Beach