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10 Things To Expect With A New Puppy

10 Things To Expect With A New Puppy

Posted by Wolf & I Co. on Mar 05, 2024

10 things to expect when getting a puppy

We all love cute little puppies and think what a dream it would be to have one, and they are, but the puppy period is a pretty crazy time that needs a little pre-warning...

After the first week or so your pup will be adjusting to their new home and to you. Their personality will be starting to shine through and you’ll get used to the routine of eat. sleep. treat. repeat.

After three months, they will be growing quickly and learning everything from watching and doing. The sleepless nights can get a little crazy and you’ll be adjusting to your new pups demands.

At six months they will be looking a lot more grown up but still not losing their mischievous puppy ways! The training kicks in and along with your growing bond you’ll be noticing your constant shadow by your side.

At one year old you won’t believe how big your pup is and how quickly the time has flown by but before all that, let us share ten unexpected things you’ll discover only after you have that little ball of fluff at home 24/7.

  1. Puppy teeth! Get prepared for nipping and biting on the daily, those razor sharp teef are ready to tear up anything they can bite into. Puppies obviously don’t have hands so they use their mouths to grab and play with everything. Keep your thongs, socks, clothes and shoes out of their reach and be prepared for anything that is available such as rugs and mats, pillows and dog beds, even your sunglasses to potentially cop it at some point.
  2. Crying! When crate training or putting your pup to bed (away from you) your pup will cry for you which can mean sleepless nights. If not directly near the family, puppies can tend to cry through the night causing lots of lack of sleep and you’ll want to get up and comfort them. If you’re training your dog to be an outside dog, don’t give in or they will be an inside dog for life.
  3. Feeding. Most dog food companies recommend that puppies need to be fed small meals three times a day. Puppy biscuits are a smaller size than adult dogs and have more protein and fat than an adult diet. There are dangerous foods to avoid. Read up on the list of dangerous foods asap. You’ll also need lots of treats for training, keep these on hand everywhere.
  4. Toilet training should be in full swing as soon as you bring your puppy home, however accidents happen. Be prepared for pooping and peeing inside the house and having to deal with that. When they do go outside your lawn will be littered with brown patches wherever they may be so training your dog to use one spot for the bathroom visit out of sight or off your prized lawn is a good idea. If your dog sleeps inside you’ll have to get up continuously through the night whenever you think your dog needs to pee so keep this in mind when deciding on an indoor or outdoor dog. Alternatively invest in a doggy door that can be used around the clock without waking you. Also keep in mind that when dogs get excited or nervous they are prone to letting go of their bladder and may pee on you or your guests.
  5. Get ready for the Zoomies. They come on fast and are unstoppable! If you have never witnessed the zoomies before you’re in for a surprise. Pups can go on for half an hour zipping and weaving around the yard or the house until they burn up all their energy.
  6. Play time! Balls, sticks, squeaky toys at the ready! At the puppy age they are ready to test your boundaries and love to be disobedient. The floor will be littered with balls, chews and dog toys. Once a pup gets to know where to chew through a toy to the squeaker, you’re done for. Toys won’t last more than 24 hours.
  7. Let sleeping dogs lie. An unusual occurrence and strange to witness, dogs and pups can sleep with their eyes open. When they dream their eyes roll back in their head and you can only see the whites of their eyes which is real creepy but nothing to worry about. It’s also said not to disturb or wake them while they are sleeping as it can freak them out and they could bite you.
  8. Eating grass. No, they’re not a cow, yet most doggies tend to have a good old chew on grass. It supposedly can aid in digestion but it can also make them vomit soon after which is not cause for concern. They will simply vomit and move on with their day. Good stuff.
  9. Handling. Get them familiar with regular handle as it can really help if they are familiar with you doing this especially if something goes wrong. For example being able to pick your dog up (where size allows) and being able to put your your hand in your dogs mouth to potential force vomiting if necessary, you never know if you may need to do it. Ensuring they are comfortable when you need to do this will make life so much easier. Cutting their nails is another thing to start young with them - make it fun or they will run! And, be sure not to cute them near the pink in the nails, trim moderately or you can make or you can make them bleed a lot.
  10. Dog hair. You’ll find it everywhere! In every crevice in the car, on your clothes, on the couch, on the floor, on the carpet, you name it, it will be there… Invest in a quality vacuum for pets, or even an automatic vacuum that run while you’re at work to keep the hair at bay. Many breeds aren’t shedders so check that out if the hair thing isn’t for you!

So now that you’ve considered these ten things to expect when getting a puppy and you’re ready for anything that gets thrown your way, here is your new Puppy Checklist, listing everything you will need when bringing a puppy home for the first time.

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