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The Best No Pull Dog Harness To Improve Dog Walking

The Best No Pull Dog Harness To Improve Dog Walking

Posted by Wolf & I Co. on Mar 14, 2024

If you’re looking for the best No Pull Dog Harness to improve your dog’s walking, then you’ve come to the right place.

Since Wolf & I Co. first launched the No Pull Dog Harness way back in 2018 we have continued to receive exceptional feedback from dog lovers just like you!

Our many happy customers have seen massive improvement in their dogs walking behaviours - often totally transforming their stubborn hard pulling dogs.

If you’re sick of your arm being pulled out of its socket, or worse, your dog pulling themselves into potentially dangerous situations then read on!

How does the Wolf & I Co. No Pull Dog Harness work?

When used with a dog leash clipped into the front leash attachment, it forces the dog to face their walker when tension is applied which distributes the pulling force evenly across the torso instead of the neck area, eliminating the risk of coughing or gagging.

When you clip the dog leash into the front clip it works by gently slowly your dog and hence stops your dog pulling.

Why your dog needs the Wolf & I Co. No Pull Dog Harness?

All dog breeds have the tendency to pull while walking, without proper dog training the pulling usually starts while they’re pups and if not trained it can continue well into adult life.

If this sounds like your dog, or if your dog is easily excited, distracted or jumpy you’ll need our No Pull Dog Harness to help restrain their wild ways.

Why NOT to use a strap type Harness on your Dog?

Strap type harnesses offer little support to your Dog during pulling. They often cause skin irritations and can even cause severe chaffing causing discomfort to your Dog. Areas effected are often in around the front legs and also on the torso.

How is the Wolf & I Co. Harness a better solution?

Our talented design team have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of the perfect No Pull Dog Harness. A harness that is strong yet supple, efficient in its design purpose and of course a great fit for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Maximising a dogs comfort while walking is a key ingredient to our ergonomic design and of course we aim to make sturdy gear that lasts so you’re always ready for that next epic adventure.

We also aim to ensure we’ve created a multi purpose harness with features like quick grip handles, reflective banding, multiple leash attachment points and its water friendly so it really is an all in one design that can be used in the car, at the beach and on your dog training missions.

How is our No Pull Dog Harness different to a dog collar?

When your dog pulls in a collar and leash set up, this can cause choking as it restricts at the throat. Understandably, it’s not pleasant for your dog and without training heel they will continue to do this every time.

Dogs also don’t react well to collar pulling which is why it often doesn’t work to yank on your dogs lead to restrain them. Our No Pull Dog Harness is a safer option as it takes the pressure off your dogs neck and gently guides your dog sideways, slowing them in their steps.

Are Wolf & I Co. No Pull Dog Harness easy to use?

We have worked hard to create an ergonomic harness that is super simple to use. With easy adjustment points at the neck and chest, adjust to your dogs size for the perfect fit and you’re ready to go.

What dogs can use this type of front attaching dog harness?

Our expertly designed harness works well with dogs of all sizes and all breeds. We even have puppy harnesses to help start them off on the right foot.

What else is great about a the Wolf & I Co. No Pull Dog Harness?

You can adjust the harness at the neck and the chest, making it a good option if your dog is still growing.

The multi purpose design means its a great design for car travel, it can be used in water on all your dogs daily adventures, which is why being washable is also a plus.

How to measure your dog for a correct fitting front attaching dog harness?

The best way to ensure you’re purchasing the correct sized harness is to measure your dog.

To determine your dog’s chest size, measure behind the front legs and up over the back. To measure your dogs neck, measure at the lowest point as it won't sit high like a dog collar. 

Once you have your dogs chest and neck measurement and you're ready to say goodbye to your dogs pulling, view the range of harnesses.

How to measure your dog for a Wolf & I Co. no pull dog harness