Wolf & I Co. Customer Testimonials And Product Reviews



I’m so impressed with this leash from the high quality of the rope, the sturdy carabiner down to the packaging. I wish I knew about Wolf & I Co. earlier. I have bought at least 3 different leashes from pet stores which were all disappointing. Thanks to Wolf and I Co, now I can take my furbaby for a walk/run feeling secure. ~ Janina


Absolutely love this leash! I will definitely recommend these to everyone, and order more for my other dogs. Beautifully made, super strong and having the screw carabiner is great for the extra security. I've been looking for a leash like this for ages and I'm so happy they're Australian too.. I love supporting local businesses. AMAZING LEASHES! ~ Candace


By far one of the absolute best harnesses we have ever used. From struggling to walk my dog, to easy strolling, I cannot fault this product. Chapo enjoyed the fit, it was comfortable, and a perfect fit. The adjustment sizing made it easy to fit him perfectly as no two dogs are the same. ~ Jasmine & Chapo QLD


Hey guys! We have the bubblegum 4.0 climbing rope leash. And we absolutely LOVE IT! We love it so much we bought another one 6f for the bigger boof! I want them all! Thank you so much for supplying us with excellent quality and funky walking leads! ~ Shannon VIC


Fantastic quality fantastic harness would recommend to anyone A+++++ ~ Wayne NSW


Herbie slipped his collar at our favourite coffee shop. Fortunately he ran into the shop(to steal cookies) not away onto the road. Hence he now has his smart safe Wolf & I Co. harness. ~ Linda SA


The best harness we've ever bought. Easy control and dog safe (no more escaping). ~ Narelle NSW


This leash is sturdy and so well made. The climbing rope design has a little give in it, so that means when my large dog decides to pull on hikes, my arm doesn't feel like it's coming out of it's socket.  The knot at the handle provides a really comfortable hold point.  So excited to use the leash on all our hikes. ~ Char VIC


Very happy with the leash. Our puppy is very strong and the old leash used to cut through hands when he pulled. This one feels heaps better. Excellent quality. ~ Alex VIC


Honestly the most handy leash we have. The buckle clip makes cafe visits a cinch and the double loop on the collar makes Marley's excitable pull less strenuous. All in all, couldn't ask for a better pair. SimPAWly the best!! ~ Aleisha & Marley SA


High quality and very stylish dog leashes. ~ Idriss NSW


High quality leashes and quick delivery too, especially over the Christmas period. Will be coming back to buy another leash soon. ~ Sean SA


I have to say these leads have exceeded my expectations already. They look awesome and when it arrived the packaging set the bar. You can tell straight away they are well made and it looks as though it’ll last a lifetime. Solid as! Our puppy is a real puller right now and at 23kg I feel so much more confident this lead will not let us down as other cheaper brands have in the past. Buying from local producers is a great way to support Australian industry. I’d definitely buy another but to be honest I doubt I’ll need too! ~ Stuart VIC


The lead is perfect for our Aussie Shepard & Groodle. The lead is strong, comfortable & funky, great colour! Love it! Easy latch and twist lock to use. Which is important to have for our Aussie.  ~ Erin VIC


Owned a number of leads over my canine course but this is one of the best. Stylish and incredibly strong. Love the reflective thread too, perfect for those pre-dawn walks. Will be ordering another one to keep in the car. 5/5 ~ Jay QLD


Absolutely love our white lines leash!Although it looks heavy it’s actually quite a light weight leash but extremely tough and secure. So light weight that we currently use it on our 3.5kg chihuahua (Gertie) and in the future will use it on a Bernese mountain dog which I’m 100% positive will be secure and strong enough to hold 45+kg... Thank you for creating such safe and secure leashes. ~ Coco VIC


I got the training leash when George was a puppy to train him around the city streets and for puppy school, but even now he's fully grown, it still gets plenty of use! Great for for getting him in/out the car, vet visits, walks on busy streets - anything where I need him close but an extra hand free is a must. ~ Tori SA


So happy with our Lead and Collar set, they came in a cool little carry bag and look incredibly stylish.Very happy with the quality so far, the carabiner is very secure and doesn't rattle around on the move, like some over brands I've used. The lead is quite light to carry for it's strength and feels comfortable. Very pleased with our purchase and supporting Aussies. ~ Clark WA


Ordered white lines lead online and it arrived the following day. Crazy fast delivery. And the leash is amazing quality. Puppy loves his new lead. ~ Brendan NSW


Great quality lead, perfect length for daily walks. The carabiner closure with swivel is easy to use and secure and the knots are comfy to walk, even when pooch is pulling! ~ Tori SA


I bought this gear because my dog looks like a wolf so I thought it was a fitting brand. I just received it and realised it is so light, meaning when there’s slack, it doesn’t drag heavily on their shoulders, the rope is super comfortable to hold over my hand/wrist because it’s round and soft and the rope itself is just so flexible and has a bit of flex in it when they pull. Loving it as I didn’t realise it would have all these benefits other than looking great! ~ Ashleigh SA

I have wanted to purchase a Wolf & I Co. lead for quite a while. After my partner and I set up an instagram for our GSD puppy Olive, we quickly came across these leashes. I was interested in purchasing one, but when we were fortunate enough to win a discount code from a giveaway, it was all the impetus we needed.

Upon arrival, I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product. One thing I also really like about these artisan companies is the swag which accompanies what you buy. A couple of stickers and a lovely little bag with the Wolf & I Co. logo printed on it just gives it an excellent touch.

The lead itself is exactly as promised; a professional-looking climbing rope lead, with a carabiner to attach to the harness.

The lead is fantastic. We chose Green Balls because Olive being a shepherd, has lots of black and subdued tones on her. She is also a military looking dog, and this lead has a bit of a camo vibe.

One thing we love is that you cannot tell if your dog has chewed the leash. Olive loves to carry the lead in her mouth, and will often chew it if she gets near it, and this lead more than holds up to such abuse.

The carabiner looks great, with a Wolf & I Co. embossed logo on it.

Overall, this product does a job that perhaps one would not give second thought to; a lead is a lead right? But I get satisfaction from popping it on Olive and taking her for a walk, knowing that she stands out. Especially at night, with the reflective strip throughout the lead fibres.

To say that we love our Wolf & I Co. lead is an understatement. It is durable, stylish, and will give your dog its own individual look at the park! 5 Stars! ~ Mitchell QLD


Such high quality products that look great and will last forever!! Thanks so much! ~ Kadi VIC


I purchased the Four Point O Knotted Dog Leash and couldn't be happier. Looks and feels great to use. Especially handy is the chew protection wrap (for a puppy who loves to chew her leashes)! Highly recommend this product! ~ Erin QLD


Great quality, tough as nails and look great! Posted out really quickly too! ~ Nicole


We purchased the ‘no-pull harness’ in midnight along with a matching lead and we couldn’t be happier. We have a 4 year old cocker spaniel who loves pulling us along for his walks. We have tried many harnesses and training to try and stop this with some limited success but the Wolf & I Co. harness has absolutely cracked it! As soon as we use the chest clip, he goes loose lead and walks at heel. Our walks are now a very pleasant experience for us all. Thank you Wolf & I Co.! ~ Ally


We recently purchased our Australian Shepherd the four foot Cherry Bomb leash for her second birthday. We were originally concerned if the four foot leash would be long enough, but it’s a perfect length for most walks. We love the simplicity of the carabiner to connect to her harness, and the overall look (and reflectiveness) of the Cherry Bomb. A good quality leash! ~ Sam


Very happy with this lead, the clasp is super secure and can hold both of my 29 and 32kg dogs. Came the next day with express shipping, very happy and will definitely recommend! ~ Anastasia


This is the third harness I've tried and this one actually stops my determined and stubborn Staffie from pulling. Love it! ~ Bronwyn