Best Rope Dog Leash

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Why you need a Rope Dog Leash

If your tired of flimsy leashes not lasting the distance, you'll need the best selling rope dog leash by Wolf & I Co.

Quality adventure gear for adventure dogs and their owners.

Strong Rope Dog Leash

Designed with only the finest pure silk yarn cores and dual outer sheath for the strongest, most resilient, yet lightest rope dog leash to have roamed the earth.

Coupled with a robust screw gate carabiner clip, your dog will be safe on every adventure.

UV resistant and weather proof construction means with basic care, this rope will look as good as your pup!

Why Wolf & I Co. rope dog leashes?


Wolf & I Co. is based in Noosa, Australia and all our gear is designed and tested locally to ensure a quality product for your dog.


These leashes are designed with pure silk yarn cores and dual outer sheath for the strongest, most resilient, yet lightest rope dog leashes available.

Best leash for dog walking

Attach to a dog collar or dog harness in seconds! Simply unscrew the carabiner and clip into your dogs collar or harness. Screw the carabiner closed and you're ready for dog walking.

Carabiner Clip

Our reliable rope dog leashes feature strong aluminium carabiner clips that screw closed to ensure your dogs leash can't unattach from the dog collar or dog harness. They also stand up to sand and water activities.  

Dynamic, Light weight & Strong

Rope was chosen as the core material for Wolf & I Co. rope leads for many reasons including its strength. It's dynamic which means that it is able to stretch to 6-7% of its original length and they're light weight.


Selected rope dog leash styles feature reflective weave to ensure your dog is visible while night walking.

Water Friendly

Our reliable rope dog leashes don't become heavier when wet and don't require a great deal of maintenance. Simply rinse them of any extensive dirt, salt water or grime and hang dry after use.

Available in 4ft & 6ft lengths

Suitable for dogs of all sizes

Pair it with a strong dog collar

For the ultimate adventure dog set

Rated 5 Stars by customers!

This leash is perfect for our 37kg Rottie Izzy. It looks good is nice and strong and is showing no signs of wear and tear. I love it!

Love my Camp Wolf leash! I grab it out every morning to get going on adventures in style. My humans especially love the swivel carabiner for when I jump around in circles and don't get tangled. 5 stars!

Really love this lead. That little bit longer to allow a bit of off path sniffin’ without yanking hooman in the bushes with me and slowing me down. The colours are a nice combo and hasn’t faded at all, So I’m still looking pawretty on my walkies with my bright necklace. I’m a bit of a puller when I see birds and hooman says the rope doesn’t burn her hands, so I just keep at it - it’s a win win. The carabiner is escape proof... I can confirm this. I can also confirm that despite multiple efforts I can’t make a dent in the rope with my teefies. Lead gets a wash every now and again cos I tend to drag it through the mud, hasn’t frayed much like other leads so we think it’s ace! :D

This leash is tough in all aspects! My bulldog pulls like a runaway bulldozer and this leash handles it with ease. Its so comfortable on the hands and the carabiner with screw locking function gives that extra security. The gold and black colour looks amazing in sunshine and the reflective threads look just as amazing at night. I cant fault this leash and i will most likely start a collection of colours for my boy! 10/10

I purchased a rope dog leash a few months back and I could not be happier with this lead, the colour is amazing and vibrant, the rope is strong and durable and it is a great length. The clip is easy to use and the best part is, it's tough! Me and my pup (6 years old) Whiskey have been on many adventures with this lead and i know there will be many more to come. I could not recommend this lead enough!!

Take a step outside with your dog, and see where adventure leads you...

- WOLF & I CO.

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