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10 Tricks To Keep You Busy In Quarantine

10 Tricks To Keep You Busy In Quarantine

Published by Wolf & I Co. on Apr 07, 2020

For all of us daily routines, human contact and the freeze on what we knew as freedom has smacked us in the face harder than a helicopter tail.

As we all struggle to come to grips with this worldwide pandemic, dog owners are so lucky to do what they wish they could do every day - stay home and spend time with their four-legged buddies. #winning

But as the weeks get longer, you may need something to focus on. Alleviate your boredom out in the yard and have a bit of fun with these 10 tricks, they may come in handier than you think!


Particularly important for morale – getting a high five from your best mate is arguably one of the best things to boost your spirits!


A limitless opportunity to cash in on your beloved pooch’s ability to get you stuff. Any stuffs. Beer from the fridge? The paper from the end of the driveway? With so much time on our hands anything is possible.


It may be unlikely for any hooman to be able to teach their pooch this, given the latest reports of hoomans to continue to mingle when told not to… Having said this, give it a try. Maybe both you and your dog can learn something and save the world in doing so? #wishfulthinking


While there is a global ban on this age-old welcoming ritual, get ya fix by shaking a paw or two. No need to sanitise either.


This may seem like a pointless manoeuvre for many, but executed correctly can impart oozes of joy watching your pooch effortlessly roll along your kitchen floor for no apparent reason. Please report back if you have any success with getting your dog to roll over to give you more room in (your) bed.


A popular affection for Valentine’s day, this slobbery attack will be sure to give you goose bumps (and a wet face). TIP don’t feed your pooch sardines before trying this. Or eggs. Or bones.


I.e. Drop that. Drop it. Drop it or else. If you don’t drop that now. DROP! Hey can you please drop it? It can be useful when pooch has your knickers and you are trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement. Socks may also be stolen so keep them off the floor in iso or else.


Especially required when faced with dangerous animals or situations, yet normally reserved for hoomans manning their beer fridge, this military like directive can ensure things you don’t want touched – will stay that way. Good luck with that!


Lay or Lie? Does anyone know? It seems to work either way, perhaps the treat in hand is enough for dogs to lay down on command. If your dog ever lays down at a restaurant/café/pub etc. share training secrets stat.


The world needs more hugs now more than ever. Dog hugs are important for the good chemicals in our brains called endorphins. Thankfully this does not involve training and all dogs are more than willing to get a love up without treats!

If you master anything during this crazy time make it no. 10 and keep the happy vibes flowing in your family.