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How To Fit Your Dog For A Wolf & I Co. No Pull Dog Harness

How To Fit Your Dog For A Wolf & I Co. No Pull Dog Harness

Posted by Wolf & I Co. on Jun 11, 2024

Why a Dog Harness?

It may not be obvious to everyone why you’d choose a dog harness over a dog collar, but the big ones are preventing choking, assisting with training and be able to lift or secure your dog quickly.

If you have a strong pulling dog we find that dog collars tend to choke very quickly and by using a harness you’ll be able to prevent your dog from pulling with their full weight. Our no pull dog harness is designed with three attachment point so you can keep the leash from getting tangled in your dog’s legs as well as use these alternate leash attachments for training.

For example, attaching the leash to the chest area D-ring of a harness, will make it impossible for a dog to pull. If they try to pull, it forces a dog to face their walker when tension is applied. Finally, the Wolf & I Co. dog harnesses give you extra places to grab when you’re trying to lift older dogs or give your adventure dog a hand over some rocks while hiking or extract them from water if necessary.

How to choose the right size harness for your dog?

First thing to note is that our harness sizing is based on measurements not weight. It’s vital to measure your dog to ensure your ordering the correct size. The suggested sizing is featured on every product page so that you can refer to it if need be.

Chest: To determine your dog’s chest size, measure behind the front legs and up over their back

Neck: A harness will sit low around the neck and this is where you should take the measurement. See diagram. N.B This is different to where your dogs collar sits.

Once you have your measurements you’re ready to purchase the appropriate size harness online and be confident knowing its the right size for your dog. View the size chart.

Other features to consider when purchasing a harness:

Quick dry / water friendly fabric

Adjustments available on all four straps

Stainless steel hardware - front and back

Handle to grab your dog quickly if need be

How to fit your dogs Wolf & I Co. Harness

You’ve taken the leap and bought your dog a harness but now what? How do you fit it correctly and how do you know it’s working?

The first step is to measure your dog to get an idea of how much you will need to adjust the straps. Take a tape measure and measure the chest and neck.

It’s so much easier to adjust prior to putting the harness on your dog, so doing this help alleviate your dog from getting bored and/or agitated during fitting.

Once you have the measurements, adjust the straps to suit. Now you’re ready to put it on your dog.

To do this, unclip both of the buckles and open out the harness. Place the neck of the harness over your dogs head. Ensure the handle is on your dogs back and logo on your dogs chest. Clip the clips together and check your adjustments.

Be certain the front and back of the harness is not too snug on your dog as it may cause discomfort, too loose and it won’t sit on your dog properly. If further adjustments need to be made we suggest taking the harness off your dog. It’s just so much easier and won’t put your dog off wearing the harness before you even start using it.

Once adjusted, you’re ready to place on your dog for their first walk! The front attachment beneath the logo will assist with control. The leash when clipped into the stainless-steel D ring, will slightly pull your dog to the side, making him ease up.

The back clips can be used for loose-leash walking and the handle is great for control and handling if and when required.