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Why Use Climbing Rope Dog Leashes in 2021?

You may be thinking what makes climbing rope so special? What is inside the rope that makes it so strong? And what is nylon?

Let us explain. All nylon climbing ropes have two parts: the sheath and the core. The core is made up of several braided nylon filaments. These are twisted in different directions to stop the rope from kinking. These mini braids form the heart of all climbing ropes. The sheath is the outer protective layer of the rope, made of tightly woven nylon fibres. In Wolf & I Co. dog leads there are two sheath layers for extra strength and protection.

To explain more about nylon - it is a plastic, silky-like material that can be processed into thin fibres. Nylon has good elasticity, resiliency, and can protect against a good amount of friction. These properties make it great for climbing rope dog leads!

There are also two types of climbing ropes; dynamic and static. Wolf & I Co. uses dynamic ropes as they stretch. The stretch allows a dynamic rope to absorb the energy of a sudden load, such as a tug from a dog, more slowly lessening the impact of the pull on the dog and the hooman.

Climbing ropes are commonly made in 8mm to 12mm thicknesses. Wolf & I Co. aim to use 10mm - 12mm rope for their dog leads. The extra thickness makes it a more comfortable lead to hold in your hand whilst walking your dog.

Climbing rope was chosen as the core material for Wolf & I Co. leads for many reasons including its strength.

1) It's dynamic which means that it is able to stretch to 6-7% of its original length.

2) It's lightweight

3) It doesn't become heavier when wet

4) It's strong

5) It doesn't require a great deal of maintenance. Ropes can also be washed to clean them of any extensive dirt, salt water or grime.