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Adventure Series

Made for adventure, the Wolf & I Co. Adventure Series is ideal for dogs who love exploring the great outdoors. Wolf & I Co.climbing rope dog leashes are made with high quality, 12mm climbing grade rope for strength and flexibility. The sheath and core of a climbing rope assists in wear and tear reduction, especially from inevitable chewing.

Climbing rope was chosen as the core material for Wolf & I Co. Adventure Leashes for many reasons including its strength. Wolf & I Co. climbing rope leashes are also dynamic, lightweight yet strong and don't become heavier when wet. They don't require a great deal of maintenance. Ropes can simply be washed in fresh water to clean them of any extensive dirt, salt water or grime.

These lightweight leashes are all weather friendly, feature secure locking carabiners and select styles have been made with reflective weave for night walking. 


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